A Woman to Woman Article

Don’t Worry...Be Happy

It’s a wild, wicked world out there.  How can I possibly not worry? The times seem so much more evil than five or ten or twenty years ago.  

When we turn on the TV, it is a shame the way people are now allowed to swear and expose themselves sensually to the world.  When we listen to the news, we hear about, as well as see, terrible things like murders, rapes and crimes of all sorts. 

We take our car out on the freeway and practically get run off the road, and you say, How can we not worry and be happy you say?

Yes, it is a wild, wicked world, isn’t it? The only way to escape the horror out there is to turn to God and repent. If we begin to do acts of kindness to show God we mean business, He will be there to accept us, change us, protect us and make our lives peaceful and content, so that we can be happy and not worry.  (Acts 26:20).

God’s word is filled with His Ways—yes, His Ways of peace and happiness. Impossible, you say? No, not impossible with God. With Him, all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). You don’t have to believe me—just try living His simple Way, and you can prove to yourself that the way to have peace is by doing God’s Will. Yes, peace in a wild, wicked world filled with anxiety and pressure.

God’s Ways are like a pressure valve on a pressure cooker. When things like pressure and anxiety build up, give them to God through prayer, think outwardly and do something good for someone. In other words, come out of self. It works! Our biggest problem has always been our self. If we could only get out of our way, we could be successful! Does this ring a bell in your head? It sure does in mine. We need to put to death our evil ways by the Way the Lord has given us instruction to do (1 Peter 5:10-11; Rom. 12:21).

 God wants us to constantly serve others to please Him. This is His Will. Yes, this is God’s Way.

I was thinking about God’s word the other day, and Psalm 128:1 was going through my mind. “How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways.” What a beautiful world this would be if everyone lived by God’s precious Ways.  There would be no reason for worry and would be nothing but happiness.  Now that is a beautiful world!

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