God's Childlike Gospel

God’s childlike message is simply:  Live to please your heavenly Father each day.

We, as earthly parents, teach our children not to use foul language and not to use God’s name in vain. We want our children to learn to do good by doing what is right and good on a daily basis.  This pleases God and us.  We bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4).  We teach them to share what they have with others, and be concerned for the rights, welfare and comforts of others.   We do our best to teach them to be honest, loving, charitable, giving and forgiving human beings.  We teach them the principle that doing good works for God daily brings great rewards into one’s life (Eph. 6:8; Heb. 6:10; Rom. 2:6; Matt. 16:27).

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the world to become a better place, but few people are interested in being the first to make it a reality, by living God’s Way each day.   Now that’s not too much to ask, is it? After all, we were created to find the purpose of our existence and then perform it on a daily basis (Eph. 2:10).  That purpose is to overcome evil by practicing good so we will abide forever, and be considered worthy to attain to the age of the resurrection (Psalm 37:27; Phil. 3:11; Luke 20:35).

Employers, law officers, judges, mayors, governors and kings are all pleased with people who have built good character in their lives.  People maintain good character by continually doing those things that are right and good.  Will you remain a problem of the world or will you be part of the solution? Will you be one who cares, or one who could care less about others?

As parents, we teach our children to have good character.  Good character is living by godly principles that are pleasing to God as well as man.  This is God’s Will, and Jesus Christ said doing it is easy and pleasant (Matt. 11:30).   God’s commandments are not burdensome or hard to keep, but pleasant (1 John 5:3).

It does not take great intelligence to do God’s Will.  It just takes simple, daily obedience to a living, heavenly Father who wants to bless those whom He has created (Acts 3:26).  If we are created in God’s image, is it right for us to live like the devil, talk like the devil and walk like the devil, daily ignoring God in heaven?

This gospel message is so easy, even a child can understand it!  But it takes the mind of a child, and the simple obedience of a child, for an adult to live it.  Time is running out and the Lord is going to come when no one expects He will (Matt. 24:44).  Will you be a child of God and fulfill the Scriptures that the righteous are commanded to fulfill?  Or will you, by omission, be fulfilling the Scriptures that the wicked fulfill?