God's Message to Mankind

God’s Message to Mankind

First of all, God created mankind on this earth to seek Him, find Him and obey Him. He did this so mankind could live a peaceful long life—full of abundance and every good thing. All the Lord God wants man to do is to do what is right (do well) to please Him, so man would feel good about himself (Gen. 4:7).

God has given us examples in His word of those who obeyed Him and were blessed and those who disobeyed Him and were cursed. God used certain men called prophets to write what He told them to write, as well as speak what He commanded them to speak. It was the same message over and over again to mankind—practice righteousness and practice justice toward your fellow man, and thus do your neighbor no harm but only good. Is this too much for God to ask of us, considering eternal life is also connected to this beautiful Way of righteousness (Matt. 21:32; 2 Peter 2:21; Prov. 12:28)?

This information was to be conveyed to mankind so God could determine who would obey Him. God wanted to know, and thus distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the tares (Mal. 3:18; Matt. 25:33, 41, 46). The Lord wanted mankind to learn righteousness by practicing righteousness one to the other daily (Is. 1:16-17; Titus 3:14). Practice being a good person toward others daily by showing kindness, goodness, gentleness, charity, compassion and patience (Gal. 5:22-23). This is how a person imitates God daily, walks with God daily and keeps God’s Ways daily (Eph. 5:1). God’s Ways are all righteous (Psalm 145:17). He wants us to make all our ways righteous too. This is how one does God’s Will daily on earth as it is being done by God in heaven (Matt. 6:10).

Jesus came to show us “the Way” we should live daily to please the Father and thus, be a friend of God like Abraham was (James 2:22-23). Abraham perfected his faith by doing good works. Everything Jesus saw the Father do, He did faithfully to be our living example of the right way to live (John 5:19). Everything that Jesus heard the Father say, He conveyed to us without adding to it or deleting from it—Jesus knew all of mankind would be judged by His words in the last day (John 12:48-50). He also knew these were the exact directions—not only to eternal life, but also for how man could get rid of his wicked ways and overcome them so God could bless him (Acts 3:26).

God wants us to be good children and obey our Father by continually doing good towards others like Jesus Christ our example (Acts 10:38). Dorcas was also a good example (Acts 9:36). This message of righteousness is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, because this is how God wants you to repent daily (1 Tim. 3:16). You repent daily by keeping Jesus’ words. If you do this, you will receive eternal life and never see death, says Jesus Himself in John 8:51. Then keeping Jesus’ words and putting them into daily practice in our lives is how we do God’s Will on earth as it is being done in heaven (Matt. 6:10). This is required of those who desire to enter the kingdom of God, and as a result of practicing righteousness, “live forever” (Matt. 7:21; 1 John 2:17). This is not known by many or lived by many who say they know the Lord today (Luke 6:46).

Jesus was zealous for good deeds towards others. If you do not learn to imitate Him by keeping His words and by being zealous for good deeds towards others too, then you deny Him in your daily life (Titus 1:16). We were created for good works, just as we were created to fulfill Scripture, but we must be careful to fulfill the Scriptures of the righteous by keeping Jesus’ words and putting them into action in our daily walk with Him (Eph. 2:10). This is most definitely the good life and God’s true message to mankind!