Information on Righteousness

Is it possible to be righteous and still not be pleasing to God?  The word of God says yes.  The Pharisees were very righteous but they were righteous for self instead of for the right reason (Matt. 23:13, 25-26).  They wanted recognition, fame and fortune.  They loved receiving publicity for their righteousness (Matt. 5:20; 6:1).

Many people today have a zeal for God but not with the right knowledge of what God really wants them to do (Rom. 10:2-3).  They are not doing their righteousness for God and glorifying Him with their good works (Matt. 5:16).  They are not doing all the good works that they do or the good words that they say in the name of Jesus Christ, as true disciples are commanded to do daily (Col. 3:17). Many are not doing their righteousness in secret, as God has commanded (Matt. 6:3-6).  Many are not doing their righteousness in order to overcome the evil pulls of their nature (Rom. 12:21; Psalm 34:14; 37:27).

Because many are doing righteousness for the wrong reasons, they are establishing their own righteousness.  Therefore, many do not even believe they are evil or in need of repentance when they are still being held captive by Satan to do his will (2 Tim. 2:26).

The more righteousness you do for God for repentance, the more you become aware of how unrighteous you really are (Rom. 7:18).  The more righteousness you do for self, the more unaware you become of how evil you really are (Luke 11:13).

It is lethal to do good for any other reason than to glorify God daily.  Your righteousness must be done in secret and not to be admired by others.  Your righteousness must be done to show God respect (fear) and love.  This is how to keep God’s Ways of righteousness in your life.

Go to God and ask Him to show you His Ways.  Do not continue to do it your way, because God’s Ways are not our ways (Is. 55:8-9).  Our ways are Satan’s ways (Eph. 2:3).

Let us follow the righteous directions for conversion found in God’s word (Acts 26:20).  Repent!  Turn to God by performing good works for reasons of repentance and to build godly character (1 Tim. 4:7-8).  By doing good for God, let us seek Him and become righteous in all our ways (Rom. 3:10-12; 1 John 3:7).  Let us prove to be disciples of Jesus Christ by bearing good fruit (good works) on our spiritual trees (Col. 1:10; Matt. 7:19; 3:10).

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