Those Who Do Good

The word of God says the person who does good is of God (3 John 11).  Why is this so?  God is good (Mark 10:18).  Why?  Because God does good.  Even the word "good" comes from the word "God."

What would conditions be like if we had a God who just thought beautiful thoughts about doing good, but never acted on those thoughts?  We wouldn't be here.  Nothing good would be done.  We would have a good-for-nothing God and this is impossible.

If you want to be like God and be considered good, you must manifest your good thoughts through good actions.

If doing what is evil is bad, is doing what is good, good?  If doing what is bad is considered lawlessness, disobedience, unbelief, unfaithfulness, unworthiness and disbelief, would doing good turn all these negative words around?  Isn't that a result of positive action?

Can you begin to see this is what it means to repent?  Can you see that all those who will not repent by turning their actions around and making them good, should, will, and must perish from the earth (Matt 3:10)?

Can you see that doing good is all the Lord expects from us for repentance?  Can you also see that's all a loving father would expect and want from his loving children?  Can you understand that when children do what is right in the sight of their father, they are showing their father love by their actions and they are accepted by him (Acts 10:34-35)?

Can you see why God's true message is a message to children?  Can you see that unless you become like a little child before your heavenly Father, you won't become converted, and you will not be reconciled to Him and enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:3-5)?  This is why only those who do good are of God (3 John 11).

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