What is the Reward of the Righteous?

If all the rewards for being righteous were known, we would have many more people who would want to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  "Who is the Almighty that we should serve Him?" (Job 21:15). What would we gain if we did?  Is there any pleasure to the Almighty if you are righteous, or profit if you make your ways perfect (Job 22:3; Matt. 5:48)?  You bet there is!  The following are just a few examples:

1. God hears your prayers and delivers you from trouble (Psalm 34:17; James 5:16; Prov. 11:8).

2. The Lord will not allow the righteous to hunger in times of famine (Prov. 10:3).

3. You will be delivered from death (Prov. 11:4).

4. You will be rewarded with prosperity (Prov. 13:21).

5. You will be protected from harm (Prov. 12:21).

6. You are guaranteed answered prayer (Prov. 15:29; John 9:31).

7. You will be protected from a whole list of woes (Job 5:20-27).

8. God will save you from sickness (James 5:14; Psalm 41:3).

The list goes on and on, but how can we be righteous in God’s eyes (Psalm 145:17-18)?  The word of God says those who practice righteousness for God are righteous, even as God is righteous (1 John 3:7).  It also says those who practice righteousness are truly born of Him (1 John 2:29).  The righteous give and do not hold back (Prov. 21:26; Luke 6:38; Acts 20:35; Matt. 6:2).  The righteous are concerned for the poor (Prov. 29:7).

Compare Ezekiel 18:14, 16, 17, Job 29:12-16, and Job 31:16-23 with Matthew 25:35-36.   God never changes.  Compare Job 22:7 with Matthew 25:42-43.

Yes, there is a Way of righteousness (Matt. 21:32).  It is the Way all who love God live.  We prove our love for God by the way we live (John 15:8).  Now is the time to live like God by living for God, as Jesus Christ did, showing us His pure and simple Way (Eph. 5:1; John 6:38; 2 Cor. 11:3).

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