Will You Be Able To Stand?

Will You Be Able To Stand?

Noah was the only person God found who was practicing righteousness in his day (Gen. 6:9; 7:1).  Noah stood alone before God.  He didn’t need a church, nor did he depend upon a body of people to provoke him weekly to do good for God.  Noah was mature in his walk with God.  His relationship was complete. 

We cannot be found righteous unless we live righteously every day.  If we never do anything for God, by serving others in need as Jesus Christ our example did, we are not righteous, neither are we considered righteous by God. 

How is your personal relationship with God?  By the time you’ve finished this article, you will see exactly what must be done to make it like Noah’s.

Enoch, Able, Job, Abraham, Elijah and the prophets of old were all righteous.  They stood before God and stood alone as mighty men of God.  Even when Job’s friends tried to discourage him, and his wife told him to curse God and die, Job’s one-to-one faith in God stood firm (Job 2:9-10). 

Many doers of the word who worshiped God in the past willingly gave their lives to God and laid down their lives as testimonies of their solid, unshakable, stand-alone faith.  They trusted in the Rock of their salvation, Jesus Christ, and as a result, became solidly established in their faith—as rocks.

The requirements of our faith in Jesus Christ are:

A. ℹ️Practice righteousness for God and keep Jesus Christ’s words and sayings (John 8:51).  Continue to do God’s Will daily in our lives, remaining faithful by continually doing so. 

B.  ℹ️Study God’s word continually to find out what God’s Will is, and perform it daily in our lives (Eph. 5:17) 

C.  ℹ️Honor the Lord with your wealth, by setting aside from each paycheck a certain amount with which to do good for God (Prov. 3:9-10).  This is God’s money and no longer ours.  It is entrusted to us by God.  We are His trusted servants who distribute that money to the poor, the needy, the stranger, or anyone who would borrow from us.  You do not need to spend it all before the next paycheck, but safeguard what is put aside for God in your trust, and use it continually to do His Will.  God Himself will continually teach you what to do with this amount you have set aside regularly to honor Him. 

God always teaches those who continually obey Him on a personal basis.  He teaches us how to love one another, how to serve, how to give, how to share, and how to forgive one another continually.  He wants to teach us about His Ways, but He can’t do this unless we continually, on a daily basis, imitate the Way He lives.  

D.  ℹ️Pray constantly for guidance, and for others (2 Tim. 1:3).  Prayer is the tool we use to commit all our ways to God.  It is how we break down all the strongholds of sin in our lives and put them into the captivity of Jesus Christ, making all our ways Christ’s Ways.  It is how we telephone God and keep in touch daily.  Prayer is how we make known to Him all our needs and desires.  It is our hot line, a direct connection to the God whom we serve daily.

Always remember, we have great favor with God because we serve others daily on His behalf, which makes us His true servants.  We are continually serving others, and, as a result, we are continually growing more and more like Christ each day.  We know the secret that God causes the growth when we serve others as Jesus Christ gave us example to do in His name (Col. 3:17). 

We know the secret, that unless we imitate Jesus Christ daily, we will never be like Him.  We know that imitating Jesus Christ is how we repent, how we abide in Christ, how we clothe ourselves with Christ, how we become doers of the word of God, and how we overcome our evil natures and have Christ formed in us.  If these things are in our lives and are continually increasing, we will never fail (2 Peter 1:3-10). 

God is making stand-alone disciples.  He wants those that are mature in the faith to be an example for those that are not yet mature.  He wants us to come together to stimulate one another to more love and good works, so we can mature in the faith and are able to stand alone (Heb. 10:24). He is producing those who will gather with Him more and more disciples, into the kingdom of heaven - inner conversion. 

Will you help Him?  Will you be His example of love?  Will you teach others to live His Way, showing them by your example,  how to live a repentant life before God daily (Heb. 5:12-14)?  If you do, you will not only have found the purpose of life, but you will be living it, showing it and teaching it to others.  You are now the apple of God’s eye, His trusted servant, the one of whom He loudly proclaims, “This is my beloved son (or daughter) in whom I am well pleased” (2 Pet. 1:17).  God is, and always will be, your friend because you cared enough for Him to have Jesus Christ formed in you.  You are now like your Teacher because you have been fully taught by Him (Luke 6:40).  Now, you will be able to stand.    

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