Works of Faith

A faith that works is a faith with works.  Wouldn’t we be in a pickle if Jesus Christ’s faith had no works?  There would be no forgiveness of sins, and He would not be our perfect example.  How could Jesus Christ be obedient to the Father if He had no works?

Could Jesus Christ glorify the Father with bad works or without works?   "Don’t be silly," you might say.  Well, don’t you think it would be silly to tell disciples of Jesus Christ that they do not need good works?   How can they repent if they do not have good works (Acts 26:20)?  Do you show God that you are repentant by performing bad works daily instead of good works?  Of course not!

You cannot be hired to do a job for an employer unless you promise to do good works for him.  Then, if you continue to do good works, he will bless you by giving you a promotion or salary increase. After you have been trained by your employer and have proven yourself, you can be promoted because of your good works.  Why, you might even receive a bonus, a turkey or some other special gift.  But if you perform bad works for your employer, you will get fired.

Our heavenly Father is our employer when we decide to live for Him.  If we perform good works for His glory, God will bless us (Matt. 5:16; John 10:10).  How about if you perform bad works for God? Won’t you get fired?  God gives eternal life as a free bonus for continual good works, but those who are unrepentant - continue to do what is bad, or worse yet, do nothing at all - will not receive the bonus.

Eternal life is not given to those who continue to do bad works daily (1 John 3:10; John 5:29).  Rather, it is given to those who live repentant lives by doing good works daily to please the Father (Matt. 5:16). The Lord accepts us as we are, but then we must be fully trained by Him and strive to please Him in all our ways and works of faith (2 Peter 1:5-11; Luke 6:40, 46).

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