Do You Go To Heaven When You Die?


You go to heaven or hell when you die.


God’s word says your body returns to dust and your soul sleeps. When Jesus resurrects all who are in their graves, only those who had good works will come to a resurrection of eternal life (John 5:29). Doesn’t it seem weird that the world teaches salvation cannot be earned by good works, discouraging the many from having any good works by this false incomplete teaching, when Jesus will give eternal life only to those who had good works? King David knew he would be sleeping in the grave (Psalm 17:15). Jesus’ disciples knew that King David did not ascend to heaven when he died (Acts 2:34). They knew that David and his grave were still there in the ground to that day (Acts 2:29).

In the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job, it states, “So a man lies down and does not rise until the heavens be no more. The dead will not awake or be aroused from their sleep” (Job 14:12). Job knew the Lord would call him from his grave (Job 14:14), just like Jesus said He would (John 5:28-29). All you need do is look up “sleep” in a Bible concordance to find that the soul sleeps, and those who teach differently are not teaching the biblical truth on death.

So you don’t go to heaven when you die. That’s just another pagan lie. Jesus said Himself that no man has ascended to heaven except Himself (John 3:13). Was He lying? Jesus is the only one at this time who has immortality (1 Tim. 6:16). You must admit, if the pagan teaching that you go to heaven when you die was true, then why would we need a resurrection? Everyone would be immortal already, wouldn’t they? You now have read the truth from God’s word. Many have been deceived, but now you know the truth from God’s word.

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