You Must Go To Church?


You must go to church. Yet there are 30,000 different churches teaching differing doctrines. That’s religious confusion. That’s Babylon!


Christ is the church and the body of believers who live like Jesus Christ gave them example to live are that church. They are overcoming their evil natures like Jesus gave them example to do. Shocking as it may seem, Jesus came to start a spiritual church. Everyone who belongs to that spiritual church must live a spiritual life for Jesus every day by overcoming like Jesus Christ their example told them to do (Rev. 3:21). Jesus Christ’s body is the church and that body is now spiritual so the gates of hell cannot prevail against it (Col. 1:24; Matt. 16:18). Jesus is the Rock on which the true church was founded. Peter’s name only meant pebble or small stone in Matthew 16:18 (see margin). Remember always, Jesus is the Rock. Peter is the pebble.

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