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 Love Goes On Forever - A Legacy of Love

Deluxe Audio Book

A deluxe audio/video version of the book "Love Goes On Forever,” which includes a full-version of the bonus song, "Love Goes On Forever" written by Karren Rae Brown, as well as bonus photographs not included in the published version of the book.  

This special, deluxe audio/video version of Love Goes on Forever, is narrated by her daughter ~ who wrote the introduction and epilogue, to compliment this collection of of her mother's most inspired writings, in honor of her legacy of love.  This special series of articles, “A Woman of God” were previously published in the Whole Wheat newsletter.  These articles will move your heart to draw closer to God, through her mother's very personal experiences.  From the age of five and growing up on the farm, to literally her last moments here on earth, you will see how the Lord was a big part of her life from beginning to end through her journey of living for God. She and her husband started the Whole Wheat ministry over forty years ago and it is still changing lives today.

The Story of Our Founder

An awesome thing happened to me many years ago.  I met a man like David, a man after God’s own heart.  I did not idolize this man, but was awestruck at the degree to which he sought God.  He was a man who’s greatest goal in life was to know God and be God’s friend.  God had given this man other talents he could pursue, but he laid aside these physical desires to do the Will of the Lord, to become God's friend.

God gave Ron a special roll in life, to minster and teach others how to imitate Jesus Christ.  He searched the Word of God and wrote daily, for many hours, to accomplish this.  I knew wherever Ron was, he was serving the Lord by serving others.  I had complete trust that was always true.

Doing the Will of the Lord was the greatest joy of Ron’s life.  Teaching others to serve the Lord, was His second greatest joy in life.  He searched the heart of the Lord daily, to help himself and others, serve the Lord more completely.  He depended on God’s Spirit to inspire, and tell him, what to write and speak to help others.  He spoke of almost nothing else, than that of God’s Will and Ways, and the revelations that God had given him to share.

I loved Ron because he loved God so much.  He imitated Jesus Christ, in all his ways.

The thing that made Ron the happiest was when those he taught, to live to please God daily in all their ways (words, actions, and thoughts) were blessed.  That was God’s stamp of approval that they were living the abundant life.  

He was simply pleased if God would grant him the privilege to teach other men, revealing this mystery to the world as a witness.  He did this all with humility, that came from years of pain and suffering, testing and trials, which, were necessary so God could make him ready to teach those whom He would call in the last days.  However, God did show me, at one time, that Ron would not always physically be in our midst, to teach and encourage us.  

Let’s learn today what God wants us to learn, through this special man God has put in our lives for our good and salvation.  This is God’s special man, a man after God’s own heart, Ron Brown.  

His wife,


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