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Grains of Truth

Grains of truth are short snippets of live sermons, each unveiling a unique grain of truth, giving you answers to your most burning biblical questions!

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What does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ?


"What is Whole Wheat’s Statement of Faith?

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came in the flesh and died for the sins of mankind.

We believe that accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior means living a whole new way of life, not living to the flesh with its evil passions and desires, but rather, living to the Spirit, which is committing all our ways to be a blessing to the Lord.


"What is the Best Way to Study the Bible?"

If you’re going to be a competent barber, carpenter or electrician you’re going to need the proper tools. It’s the same if you want to learn and understand the biggest mystery book on earth. …


"What is the Bible?"

To best understand what the Bible is, let’s first consider what the Bible is not. The Bible is not an ancient collection of myths or stories or something to put on your coffee table with pressed flowers or a four-leaf clover in it. …


"What is the Best Bible translation?"

The best translation of the Bible is the one that has the clearest meaning to the key verses that explain how to live the Way that Jesus Christ lived.

One example is Titus 2:14.  …


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