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"What is Whole Wheat’s Statement of Faith?

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came in the flesh and died for the sins of mankind.

We believe that accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior means living a whole new way of life, not living to the flesh with its evil passions and desires, but rather, living to the Spirit, which is committing all our ways to be a blessing to the Lord.

We believe, like the Apostle Paul said, that one should bring forth good deeds meant for repentance and then come to baptism (Acts 26:20; Luke 3:8, 10-11).

We believe that God in heaven sent His Son Jesus Christ, to show us how to love one another.

We believe that if you are to live charitably, you are to live like Jesus Christ gave us example to live in thought, word and deed.

We believe living charitably is putting others first and not keeping track of wrongs committed against us by others. We are to love our enemies and do good to them. This means that we should not knowingly do anything to them that would offend them.

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"What is the Best Way to Study the Bible?"

If you’re going to be a competent barber, carpenter or electrician you’re going to need the proper tools. It’s the same if you want to learn and understand the biggest mystery book on earth. The Bible is the most quoted, least read and least understood book of any on the face of the earth; and the book that people have the most opinions about, but do not know what they are talking about. It is not head knowledge alone that makes a good carpenter but actual experience in performing the trade, coupled with head knowledge that makes a competent carpenter. The very same thing is true for a person who seeks to know God’s word. 

God in heaven is a just, charitable, loving, giving, forgiving God who is constantly serving His creation (Deut. 10:18). He helps widows and orphans and others who have no helper (Deut. 27:19). He even does good unto His enemies and associates with the lowly. You could rightly call Him the servant of the most. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us how to be servants of the most. We seek Him when we begin to imitate Him and His Son (Matt. 23:11; Eph. 5:1). 

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"What is the Bible?"

To best understand what the Bible is, let’s first consider what the Bible is not. The Bible is not an ancient collection of myths or stories or something to put on your coffee table with pressed flowers or a four-leaf clover in it. The Bible is not a book to be ignored, because we will all be judged by the words that are in it (John 12:47-50). 

The Bible is, however, a spiritual book of writings by men who were moved by the Spirit of God (2 Peter 1:20-21). The Bible is the living word of God. We are to live by every word of the Bible (Matt. 4:4). It is a book telling us how to obtain eternal life. It contains the answers to all the mysteries of life. The Bible contains the directions on how to enter the kingdom of God, be converted on the inside, and thus, have the peace that surpasses all human comprehension (Matt. 5:20; 7:21; Phil. 4:7). 

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"What is the Best Bible translation?"

The best translation of the Bible is the one that has the clearest meaning to the key verses that explain how to live the Way that Jesus Christ lived.

One example is Titus 2:14.  In the original Greek it says, "…cleanse for Himself a people zealous for good works."  In the King James Version it says, "purify unto Himself a peculiar people zealous of good works."  The New American Standard Version says, "…zealous for good deeds," and so does the Revised Standard Version.  The Living Bible, the New International Version, and other modern language versions change, water down and distort this verse, along with Titus 3:8-14.

If you do not maintain good works or good deeds, you have stopped bearing good fruit for God (Matt. 3:10).  If you are not zealous for good deeds, you are leaving a door open through which you can be tempted by Satan (1 Peter 3:13; 5:8).

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