Wheat For Thought

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'Wheat for Thought’ is a series of inspirational posters that offer a fun and simple way  to stimulate you to more love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24).  They are also an easy way to share God’s truth with others!  

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To save the current ‘Wheat For Thought’ poster: Simply press and hold on the image of the poster, if on a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad.  If on a computer, you can click and drag the image to your desktop to save.  Each one will be available only for a limited time - so don’t miss out! By saving the images  you can easily share them, print them or use them as screen savers or wallpaper for your desktop, iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices.  Another easy way to share the current ‘ Wheat for Thought’  is to simply send your  family and friends a link to this page, which will allow them to  enjoy the NEW! soundtrack video also! Have fun with it!