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"After you have read through an article go back and look up the Scriptures given.  Prove everything to be accurate by your own Bible study.  Highlight or mark, in your Bible, each verse you look up so you can find important Scriptures quickly in the future."


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All About Works

Those Who Do Good

What Was Jesus Like

Do We Automatically Do Good

How to Walk In God's Ways

Why Serve the Lord?

The Message of the Prophets

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Are Works Important?

Happiness Is…

Enduring With Patience

The Message of the Apostles

What is Sin?

Christ's Simple Message

The Parable of the Tree

The Message of Overcoming

How Do we Overcome Evil

Pure and Undefiled Religion

How to Overcome Anxiety

What is Wordly is Not Godly

Seek the Kingdom First

Works of Faith

Walk in the Light

The Bible is...

How Do We Walk in the Spirit?

Turn to the Lord

The Mystery of the True Gospel


Principles of Success

Who Are the Stumbling Blocks

In League With The Stones of the Field

The Positive Gospel

Spiritually in Tune With God

Who Are the Sinners?

God's Righteousness

How Do We Seek Peace and Pursue It?

Information on Righteousness

How Can We Be Rich Toward God?

What is the Reward of the Righteous?

How to Enter God's Rest


Receiving Answered Prayer

How to Please the Lord

The Secret of Perpetual Motion

It Pays To Be Good For God

How To Be An Overcomer

Is There Only One Way?

Put No Confidence in the Flesh 

The Purpose of Life - to find God

How Do You Seek God?

Is Your Baptism Valid?

The Kingdom of God Within

Understanding Baptism

Charity Defined

A New Creation

The New Covenant Spirit

How to Build More Faith

Ever Learning But Never Able

What People Need to Know

The Purpose of Life - to do good works for God

What is Freedom?

Narrow is the Way

Doing God's Will With Your Mouth

Baptism Is…

Faith Without Works is Dead

The Mistake of the Pharisees

The Kingdom Gospel

How To Do God's Will With Your Mind

What Was Paul's Message?

Make Your Ways Straight

A Loving Father

What is the Lord's Work?

How Do We Enter the Kingdom Within?

Living to the Spirit

The Law and the Prophets

Know the Lord

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

God's Instruction on Child Discipline

The Mystery of the Book of Job

Our Perfect Example of Suffering

Pleasing the Father

The Keys to the Kingdom

Jesus, Our Example

Are You an Obedient Disciple of Jesus Christ?

Conditions of the Blood of Jesus

Inner Strength

What Happens if I Sin?

How to Worship God

God Wants Us to Be Good

How Do We Imitate God?

Honor the Lord with Your Wealth

Understanding Grace

How to Be a Good Person

Goods News About the Kingdom

Do Good Works Come Naturally?

Are You a Servant of God

All About God's Nature

God's Judgment on a Nation

God's Royal Insurance Policy

God's Childlike Gospel

How to Get out of a Mess

We Must All Fulfill Scripture

How to Be a Friend of God

A Life Free From Fear

Forcing a Test

The First Church

Feeling Bad?

Understanding the Fear of the Lord

How Father's Can Do God's Will

Did Jesus Faith Have Good Works?

A Faith That Works

How to Enter the Kingdom of God

Are We Doing Enough?


Water Baptism

What Does Complete Mean?

How to Commit Your Ways to the Lord

Sickness, Pain and Godly Character

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

How to Be a Bond Servant for Christ

How to Do God's Will With Your Body

Be Zealous in All You Do

Be Wholehearted

Will You Heed the Call?

Be Perfect

Be Like Jesus Christ

Jesus Command: Love One Another

Belief and Faith

Must Christians Suffer?

How to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

This Beautiful Message

Avoiding Evil vs. Overcoming Evil

How to Repent

Is There Any Future For Me?

How to Abide in Christ

Don't Let Your Marriage Collapse

How to Receive Answered Prayer

Charity is the Hidden Gospel

How to Receive the Abundant Life

How to Put Your Marriage Into the Will of God

God's Message to Mankind

The True Meaning of the Word "Believe"

Are You Being Called?

Understanding Repentance

Faith and Grace

Checklist for Believers

Repent to Believe the Gospel

God's Marriage Laws of Love

How Can A Wife Do God's Will?

Loving Your Neighbor

You Must Be Born Again

The Truth About Heaven and Hell

How to Accept Jesus Christ

Baby Baptism

Study to Show Yourself Approved

Pure Speech Undefiled

How Can Teenagers Serve God?



Have to Live a Happy Life 


The Pearl of Great Price

Pubic Enemy #1

God’s Best Example

Dying to Self

Are You a Hypocrite?

We are the Church

Are You Convicted?

Try it…You’ll Like it!


If God Told You

Share the Truth

Will You Be Able To Stand

The Mystery of Righteousness and Justice Revealed

Practice Makes Perfect

Satan’s Number One Weapon

Matters of the Heart


Live Only to Please God

Baking With Whole Wheat

Let’s Play By The Rules