If possible, have your Bible handy while listening to the podcast so you can follow along and look up the Scriptures given. Otherwise, take notes and after you have listened to a podcast, go back and look up the Scriptures.  Prove everything to be accurate by your own Bible Study.  Highlight or mark in your Bible, each verse you look up so you can find important Scriptures quickly in the future.

Being Chosen By God

What's Different About This Message

The World is Deceived About the Word Believe

   The Mystery of God's Will

The Faith That Works

Love One Another

The Message of the Kingdom of God

Saved By Grace

All About Prayer

Repent the Kindgom Message

Seek God & Find Him

Be Fully Committed

Purify Your Heart

God's Expectations

Living Life to The Fullest

Honor the Lord With Your Wealth

Righteousness is True Repentance

Seek Peace & Pursue It

The Keys to the Kingdom

The Simple Gospel

Understanding the Will of God

Trust in the Lord

Living by the Will of God