Whole Wheat is a non-profit 

organization dedicated to educating 

people about the Bible 

for over 40 years.

True disciples of God are referred to as wheat, who become whole wheat because they keep the Lord’s Words and put them into action in their lives daily.  


Click on any misconception below to reveal…the truth!

"All you have to do is believe in Jesus to be saved." 

"There is nothing required for repentance."

"You are saved by grace through faith."

"If you say the sinner's prayer you are born again."

"Once saved, always saved."

"Jesus blood covers our sins unconditionally."

"You automatically do good / righteousness"

"You have to go to church"

"You can't lose your salvation."

"You go to heaven when you die."

"Because of God's grace, works are not necessary.

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