Studying Your Bible

Studying Your Bible

This page is a special resource to learn about the Bible, its purpose and the many benefits of studying your Bible.  The links below provide you with essential information, tools and much more to maximize your study time.  Also included is a link to our ‘Special Edition’ Newsletter  - all about studying the Bible, which covers: the freedom that comes from studying, how to study, starting your day in a spiritual way and a first-hand account of a life transformed, by using the techniques given on this website.


What is the Bible?

What is the Purpose of the Bible?

The Best Bible Translation

The Best Way to Study Your Bible

Study to Show Yourself Approved

The Bible is…

Are You Convicted?

Are You an Obedient Disciple of Jesus Christ?

Seek the Kingdom First

Know the Lord

The Simple Gospel Podcast

Special Edition Newsletter: All About Studying The Bible

Special Edition Newsletter Voice-Over Video: All About Studying the Bible