A New Creation

God wants us to be new creations or new creatures (Gal. 6:15).  To do this, we must die to sin and live to righteousness (Rom. 6:2).  This is a daily process of dying to self by denying the evil desires of our hearts (1 Cor. 15:31; Luke 9:23).

True disciples of Jesus Christ, who have received the true message of conversion, live a new life in Christ (Rom. 6:4).  We are no longer to be slaves of sin but we are to consider our old lives as dead to sin and alive to God in Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:6, 11).   We are to live for God daily instead of ourselves (Rom. 6:10).  We are to use the members of our bodies as instruments of righteousness to God by being careful to engage in good works daily (Rom. 6:13; Titus 3:8).  We are to learn to engage in good works because this is righteousness to God and He is glorified by good works done daily in His name (Is. 1:16-17; Titus 3:14; Matt. 5:16).  We become happy slaves of Jesus Christ, constantly doing the Will of God - which is righteous good works - from the heart (Rom. 6:17-19; Eph. 6:6).

Why are true disciples so zealous in doing good works daily?  They know that they overcome their evil natures by doing good (Rom. 12:21; 2:7).  They know this is how they resist evil daily (2 Tim. 2:26).  They overcome Satan’s will by doing God’s Will daily on earth as it is being done in heaven (Matt. 6:10).  They know their righteousness must eventually come from their hearts or they will not receive the new nature and have Christ formed in them (Gal. 4:19).  They know that without righteousness, they cannot enter the kingdom within (Matt. 5:20; 6:1; 7:21; Luke 17:21).   They know this is the doctrine that conforms them to godliness, and so they discipline themselves daily for the purpose of godliness by practicing righteousness for God in Jesus’ name (1 Tim. 6:3; 4:7; Titus 1:1; 1 John 3:7, 10, 18; Col. 3:17).

Since this Way is so easy and pleasant, we really have no excuse to continue sinning (Matt. 11:30; John 15:22).  Living God’s Way of life is how our joy is made full and how we instantly become friends of God (John 15:11, 14).  This is how we have an abundant life (John 10:10).  Practicing righteousness for God daily is how we seek first the kingdom of God; and then God adds all good things to us - food, clothes and all the desires of our hearts (Matt. 6:31, 33).

If you have not yet started practicing righteousness for God daily, what is holding you back?  Satan’s nature?  Resist Satan and by doing so, show God you love Him more.  Bear fruit for God and prove to be His disciple (John 15:8; Col. 1:10).   Remember, God wants a new you, a new creation, which comes from living a new Way of life - the Way of righteousness (Gal. 6:9, 15; Matt. 21:32; 2 Peter 2:21).

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