Young Adults

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This page is dedicated to young adults who are interested in living for God.  We’ve put together some essential videos and Bible studies to get you started in living an awesome and blessed life! 

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The Purpose of Life - to find God

Are You Being Called?

How Do You Seek God?

How to Accept Jesus Christ


Jesus Our Example

How to Be a Friend of God

How to Worship God


How Can Teenagers Serve God?

How to Repent

The True Meaning of the Word ‘Believe’


How to Build More Faith

How to Commit Your Ways to the Lord

Know the Lord


How Do We Imitate God?

How to Be a Good Person

God’s Childlike Gospel


How to Get Out of A Mess

How to Do God’s Will With Your Body

What Happens if I Sin?


Jesus Command: Love One Another

How to Receive the Abundant Life

God Wants Us to Be Good


How to Do God’s Will With Your Mind

Pure Speech Undefiled

Study to Show Yourself Approved


Pleasing the Father

How To Receive Answered Prayer

Is There Any Future For Me?

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